Viking river cruises set to make first stops in La Crosse this summer – WIZM 92.3FM 1410AM

La Crosse is preparing to welcome new visitors in 2022 — a certain world-famous cruise line.

The first Viking river cruise on the upper Mississippi is scheduled for August 22. Three other stopovers are scheduled for September 1, 5 and 15.

Director AJ Frels of the Explore La Crosse tourism agency says two of these cruises have already sold out.

“We are thrilled with Viking’s arrival, thrilled with what the City of La Crosse is doing to help make this possible,” Frels said. “The Department of Parks and Recreation is doing a great job welcoming Viking Cruise Lines to the La Crosse area.”

Explore La Crosse and the town are planning special activities for Viking passengers during the hours when the ship is moored by the river, similar to the attractions offered to people traveling on the large paddle steamers which will also return in the summer.

“These people are going to be downtown, obviously being able to enjoy our shops and cuisine while they stop by, and most importantly, introduce them to the La Crosse area, in the hope that they will return,” Frels said.

La Crosse and other major towns in Mississippi began negotiations to prepare their shorelines for the docking of large Viking ships.

The “Viking Mississippi” will carry 386 guests in 193 all-exterior cabins on a cruise with bedrooms on five levels.

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