The chocolate box village with great walking and cycling routes minutes from the M60

Minutes from the M60 at Salford is the pretty village of Roe Green.

The suburb of Worsley is known for its scenic walking paths and green spaces.

Historically in Lancashire, the village is the largest of Salford’s conservation areas, chosen for its green village setting.

The green was once common land, used for grazing and holding stray animals until they were set free on payment of a fine. In late Victorian times it was used for cricket matches.

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At the end of the 18th century, the village grew considerably and many houses were built. Today the green is surrounded by rows of quaint terraced houses, cottages, modern estates and a few local amenities.

The area is also home to the Roe Green Loopline, a walking and cycling route that starts in Monton and stretches to the border with Bolton.

This circular walk begins and ends in the village of Monton and follows the Loopline, the former route of the Roe Green railway line, before returning along the Bridgewater Canal towpath.

We visited Roe Green to find out what locals think of living in the area.

“Everyone is really welcoming and friendly. It’s so calm and quiet, I’ve been living here for six months,” said Mark Jepson, 34.

Resident Mark Jepson, 34

“I like the tranquility. I lived downtown for 10 years and was sick of it.

Hannah Thomas, 31, loves the sense of community in the village and the proximity to the Loopline.

“I love the location and the green up front and the Loopline,” she added. “It’s nice to jump on it.

“We have a dog, so it’s good to walk him. It’s just a beautiful area and it’s pretty.

“There is a real sense of community. It’s just small but it’s nice. »

But one resident says an increase in traffic and parking is a major inconvenience to living in the area.

“I’ve lived here a long time and when I moved here it was a lovely quiet place,” said the woman, who declined to be named.

“When I moved a long time ago, the cars belonged to the people who lived here. You used to look out the window if you heard a car coming down the street.

“It’s very busy.

Roe Green is a scenic part of Greater Manchester

“I spoke to the air quality board.

“I’m very worried because people are turning here and backing up and letting their exhaust run.

“It’s not as pretty as it looks. I think he should be more protected by the board.

“As it is such a beautiful area, they should protect it more.

“There is a nice community atmosphere, it’s pretty well contained. We have shops etc. So you don’t need to use the car, really. Everything is within walking distance.

“The looped line is also nice. You can walk to Monton.

Sam Webster, who has lived in the area for three years, has also noticed an increase in traffic since moving to Roe Green.

Resident Sam Webster, 24

He thinks more local amenities would help improve the area.

“I just like how calm it is,” said the 24-year-old.

“To be honest, there is a bit of traffic.

“There are a few shops here but there could be a few more, especially around Roe Green.”

The Alma resident says she likes living in the neighborhood because it’s “pretty pretty.”

She also loves the community spirit and how people are ready to help each other when needed.

“Everyone is very helpful,” the 89-year-old said.

“One of the nicest things is that if I forget something from the butchers, they just told me to call them and they’ll bring it back.

“I’m old now and I can’t rush.

Some residents say parking is a problem

“I also like it because it’s quite pretty.

“There aren’t many shops but for me, my son does my big shopping. I go to the butchers here who do green groceries.

“We now have a cafe which is a modernized corner store.

Another resident, who declined to be named, added: “It’s nice for families, it’s beautiful and there’s lots of outdoor space. We love living here. The only issue is parking, not for residents but when people come to visit. It can be a bit of a nightmare.

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