Texas uses boats to blockade the border along the Rio Grande

(NewsNation Now) – In Gov. Greg Abbott’s latest effort to prevent illegal immigration, authorities are now using boats to deter crossings from Mexico via the Rio Grande to Texas.

The boat blockade is located in La Jolla, Texas, about 100 miles west of the southern tip of the state, which has been one of the busiest areas since the spring for human trafficking. and also migrants trying to make their way to the US border. .

The flotilla is made up of boats spaced along the waterway from the Texas Department of Public Safety, the Texas National Guard, and the Texas Department of Parks and Wildlife.

Texas DPS calls it an enhanced security measure as the state gets creative in trying to amp up its border security.

A few weeks ago, Texas built what Abbott described as “a steel wall along the southern border” using shipping containers placed along the Rio Grande in southern Texas to prevent migrants and caravans from Mexico.

“Large shipping containers, resources and personnel are being used to protect communities and owners,” Abbott tweeted last week. “Texas secures the border.”

A row of about 20 giant shipping containers has been placed on the shores of the border town of Eagle Pass, Texas. Armored vehicles appear to be interspersed with the containers, as seen in video Abbott posted to social media on Wednesday.

Behind the row of containers is a row of Texas Department of Public Safety soldiers and vehicles as a second line of defense to prevent migrants from illegally crossing the river.

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