Oceania and Crystal River Cruises resume service: Travel Weekly



Other cruise lines resumed service in Europe last weekend, with Oceania Cruises and Crystal River Cruises both having set sail for the first time since March 2020.

Oceania’s Marina became the first vessel to sail for the line in 524 days. It is also the first cruise ship to leave the port of Copenhagen since 2019.

Cruise return

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The ship will visit ports in Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and Finland before ending in Stockholm. The marina will then spend the rest of the summer and fall in Western Europe, the Mediterranean and the Greek Islands before setting sail for Miami, where its arrival is scheduled for December 1.

The next Oceanic vessel to resume navigation will be the Riviera, which is scheduled to launch in the Greek Islands on October 18. The Insignia will restart from Miami on December 21. The rest of the fleet will resume navigation in 2022.

Crystal River Cruises returns

The Crystal Ravel departed on August 29 from Vilshofen, Germany for a Danube cruise, while the Crystal Debussy departed on August 30 from Basel, Switzerland, to sail the Rhine, both on routes of one week.

The Ravel will stop over in Germany, Austria and Hungary, spend the night in Vienna and Budapest, and sail through the Wachau Valley. The Debussy will visit Switzerland, France, Germany and the Netherlands and will spend the night in Amsterdam and Koblenz, Germany.

This year, Crystal River Cruises will offer 32 crossings ranging from 7 to 11 nights on the Rhine, Danube and Moselle.

Crystal’s ocean-going cruise ships launched earlier this summer from the Caribbean and Iceland.

Oceania and Crystal require that all guests and crew be fully immunized.


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