Netizens can’t get enough of Freya the walrus sinking boats and fighting swans

A large number of tourists who flocked to Norway to get a respite from the scorching summer had a perfect time when several walruses came over and started boarding small boats. Although several tourists took to the microblogging site and recounted the incident as one of the most memorable moments of their lives, some reported quite the opposite and said their summer plans had been largely cut short. by the presence of Freya, a walrus. According to a Daily Mirror report, the mammal was first spotted in the Norwegian town of Kragero before moving to an area near Oslo.

Watch walrus boarding boat videos here:

And subsequently, several local residents reported to the relevant authority about the removal of heavy mammals as it caused a lot of loss to their business. Some small vessels are said to have sunk as the mammal which weighs nearly 700-800kg attempted to board the vessel instead of resting in the mooring area. Meanwhile, two boat owners have told German broadcaster, Deutsche Welle, they want the mammal to go to their house and let the humans do their business as it has already damaged several small boats in recent days. Additionally, the Norwegian Directorate of Fisheries has called on tourists and locals not to disturb the mammal and urged them to stay away from Freya. This pointed out that several tourists got dangerously close to the beast in an effort to capture photos and videos.

Authorities plan to relocate Walrus

Meanwhile, some researchers from the University of Southeastern Norway told Norwegian news agency NTB that the marine mammal with a discontinuous distribution around the North Pole in the Arctic Ocean and subarctic seas of l The northern hemisphere is unfamiliar with crowds and added it can cause unnecessary stress to the mammal. “She doesn’t have peace. She needs to relax until 8 p.m. When she’s constantly stressed by people and their presence, it’s not good for her,” the Morse code expert said. Rune Aae. To provide relief to both tourists and the animal, authorities said they would either move the mammal to other safe locations or cordon off the area. Amid the chaos, netizens shared videos and photos with walruses where they recounted their memorable moments with the mammal. “She is the biggest news here right now and has now reached Oslo. What a star,” one Twitter user wrote.

Image: @steinkobbe/Twitter

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