Mattapoisett shipyard fire consumes boats, buildings and vehicles

Image courtesy WBZ via FOX

A massive fire at a Massachusetts marina left several boats and vehicles ablaze Friday and produced a plume of black smoke so thick it was picked up by weather radar.

Aerial video taken by WCVB-TV showed much of the Mattapoisett shipyard engulfed in flames on Friday afternoon, destroying a number of boats, vehicles and buildings. Firefighters from across the region, including as far away as Providence, Rhode Island about 30 miles away, responded to the blaze.

People who picked up the phones for the Mattapoisett Fire and Police Department said no one was available for comment. It was unclear if anyone had been injured.

The cause of the fire is currently under investigation.

The area of ​​the fire was part of a warning from the National Weather Service on Friday of high fire danger due to drought and high winds. It sent a plume of dense black smoke over southeastern Massachusetts that could be seen for miles.


Image courtesy WBZ via FOX

The weather service said on Twitter that its radar detected “what is most likely a plume of smoke” in Mattapoisett.

Mattapoisett resident Richard Walker, 72, was riding a motorbike when he spotted the thick black smoke.

He went to the city beach and shot a short video. He said he could see it even five miles away as he continued his ride.

“There were flames and black smoke billowing. So much,” Walker said. “Fortunately, it seems a lot of people had their boats in the harbour. There didn’t seem to be too many in the yard.”


Image courtesy WBZ via FOX

Pamela Fleming saw the fire from the back patio of her summer home in Mattapoisett. She said the blaze knocked out power to the area and forced the closure of a road to a popular beach and lighthouse just beyond the marina.

“The popping sounds of all the fuel and other combustibles exploding were very strange,” Fleming said. “Smoke was aggressively billowing from the area. As soon as it rose, there was more heavy black smoke to take its place.”


Image courtesy WBZ via FOX

Several other people posted images and video of the fire and smoke on social media.

The Mattapoisett Boatyard website states that it has been a family-owned marina since 1962, catering primarily to boaters, and has the capacity to store up to 150 vessels over the summer that are not in use or at rest. sale.

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