Mallorca News: Migrant boats


Migrant boats arrive en masse and quickly in the Balearic Islands and 6 others were spotted in the early hours of Monday morning with 66 people on board.

19 migrant boats arrived on Sunday alone, bringing 245 people to the Balearic Islands, including 2 babies and several minors.

6 arrived in Mallorca with 69 people on board; 8 were intercepted at Cabrera with 111 on board; 3 arrived in Ibiza with 39 on board and two spotted in Formentera had 26 on board.

TO 01:55, 9 men were intercepted in Colònia de Sant Jordi in Ses Salines

TO 02:37, 13 people were rescued some 45 nautical miles south of Cala Figuera in Calvia.

TO 03:15, 13 people were intercepted in Cala des Codolar in Ibiza.

Aat 03:15, 8 people were rescued at sea, just south of Cala Figuera.

TO 03:30, 12 migrants arrived in Ibiza.

TO 04:55, 11 migrants were detained in Portopetro, in the municipality of Santanyí and 5 others were later found in the surrounding area.

TO 05:36, 13 migrants were rescued from the waters of Cabrera.

TO 06:25, 12 others were saved.

TO 07:25, another boat with 11 people on board was intercepted.

TO 07.40, a patera with 21 people on board was detected.

TO 07:51, 15 migrants were spotted.

TO 08:00, 9 people were rescued from a boat in Cala Egos.

TO 09:15, another boat was detected in Cabrera with 6 men on board.

TO 11:00, 14 men were intercepted near the Ses Salines lighthouse.

TO 11:00, two boats were intercepted, one with 15 people on board and a second with 16 passengers.

In the afternoon, 16 men arrived at Platja den Bossa in Ibiza.

Later, another boat with 14 migrants was detected on playa Es Caló in Formentera.

TO 21:15, 13 migrants were detected on playa s’Estufador in Formentera.

Monday morning, 5 boats were located in the waters of Cabrera and 1 in Formentera.

The old one Son Tous barracks in Palma will be used as temporary accommodation for migrants, according to government delegate Aina Calvo, who told IB3 Ràdio that tents have already been set up so that they have a place to stay while their situation is resolved.

They will all be transferred to the Son Tous barracks once an electric generator was installed in the premises.

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