Iranian Navy boats harass US Navy vessels in the Persian Gulf

Iran repeated its tactic of harassing US Navy vessels in the Persian Gulf on Monday as three IRGC speedboats came dangerously close to US vessels, The Washington Post reported.

The ships, the USS Sirocco, a patrol boat, and the USS Choctaw County, a fast transport ship, were conducting routine operations in international waters when three Iranian fast attack boats came within 50 meters at a ” dangerously high speed”. The meeting lasted an hour; sources told the Post.

Both US Navy vessels issued warnings to the Iranian boats and the Sirocco eventually deployed a flare.

Iranian speedboats have harassed US Navy vessels many times in the past, but have not come under direct fire.

Tensions rose in the region after year-long talks to reinstate the 2015 nuclear deal broke down in March and Tehran received a warning from the board of governors of the International Atomic Energy Agency over early in June for failing to cooperate with the UN watchdog.

Israel announced on Monday that an air defense coalition is being formed in the region under US leadership and has already foiled Iranian attacks.

The Revolutionary Guard Navy’s move comes as Iran’s main demand in the nuclear talks is for the US to lift anti-terrorism sanctions on the entity, which is accused of supporting militant groups In the region.

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