How the Uber-rich are surviving the Bangalore floods

As Bengaluru remains awash in floodwaters on day three, desperate families are scrambling for hotel rooms amid soaring prices. Rooms which cost around 10,000-20,000 rupees a day on average now cost 30,000-40,000 rupees as luxury houses in the city were flooded after heavy rains on September 5.

Meena Girisaballa, CEO and founder of PurpleFront Technologies, said her family spent 42,000 rupees to spend a night in a hotel on Old Airport Road as their luxurious home in Yemalur was flooded, The Times of India reported.

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Hotels in Whitefield, Outer Ring Road, Old Airport Road and Koramangala were full until Friday. Meanwhile, people couldn’t get rooms despite the skyrocketing prices.

The resident said they thought they could stay on the first floor of their villas until the floodwaters receded, but the emergency power ran out and there was no choice but to move to hotels.

People associated with the hospitality sectors said customers book rooms for 10-15 days because they expect it will take longer for their homes to be cleaned and renovated after the water hits. infiltrated.

Billionaires in boats

Epsilon, home to Bengaluru’s corporate and business elite, has gone from a wealthy utopia to a mess. The city’s most exclusive gated community, home to billionaires like Rishad Premji, Byju Raveendran and Varun Berry, was flooded after torrential rains on Sunday evening.

Most people had to be rescued in boats as the area looked like a ghost town as residents moved towards hotels. Footage from the area showed houses submerged while expensive furniture floated in the water.

Luxury cars taken away

Among the billionaires who have been affected by the floods are Gaurav Munjal of Unacademy, who posted a video of him being evacuated in a tractor. Ishaan Mittal, managing director of a venture capital fund, said 300 families in his company were evacuated when there was no electricity in the apartment.

Visuals from the elite company also showed submerged and floating German and Italian cars, which were once the prized possession of their owners.

Some vent their anger

Amid the floods and the ravages of rain, many industry executives and business leaders have taken to Twitter to express their anger over the problems faced by the people of Bengaluru.

Biotech industry veteran Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw called the ravages of the rain “devastating” and said the city had never faced flooding on such a scale. Government and developers must collectively take responsibility for tackling bottlenecks, said the executive chairman of Bengaluru-headquartered biopharmaceutical company Biocon.

IT industry veteran TV Mohandas Pai said the devastation was due to heavy rains and resulted from several factors including poor governance, high corruption and lack of urban reforms. Political leaders and bureaucrats have failed citizens, the former chief financial officer of IT company Infosys Ltd has said of flooding in parts of Bangalore after two days of torrential rain.

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