How technology is changing the way we charter yachts and boats

Chartering a yacht or a boat for vacation used to be a process that required a lot of planning and organization. However, advances in technology over the past two decades and digitalization have made booking a charter a much easier and enjoyable experience.

Yacht charter has become increasingly popular over the past few years and in 2019 the global yacht charter industry was valued at approximately US$10.91 billion (The source). It is predicted that by 2028, the industry will have reached an impressive CAGR of around 25%, according to CNBC.

Luxury cruising has long been popular with high net worth individuals and A-list celebrities, but now that booking a charter has become more accessible, market demographics have become increasingly diverse. Groups of friends, families and couples all try their hand at sailing, whether cruising between islands in the Mediterranean or Asia-Pacific or enjoying a relaxing getaway at sea in the Caribbean .

Greece is one of the best places as it has many islands to explore, as do Spain, Italy, Croatia, and Malta. Yacht hotels are also very popular in the south of France, where wealthy tourists are known to indulge in luxury hotels.

More distant places like Thailand also have a growing charter market. Some of the islands off Thailand are only accessible by this means of transport and therefore boat rental is very attractive for those who like to explore lesser known places.

Technology has transformed the charter industry

As accessibility to the internet and the technology that supports it has advanced, it has become possible to simplify the process of booking or yachting and boating excursions. Use sites such as Borrow a boatpotential travelers can arrange to charter a ship from their computers, smartphones or tablets.

Before this was possible, renting a yacht or boat required the help of a specialist travel agent or the recommendation of a friend or family member. However, anyone can now log on to a site like Borrow A Boat and search for the vessel of their choice in a location of their choice.

There’s a huge amount of choice, and you can now filter your search to find a rental in a specific price range and find a boat that’s made by a certain company and set the maximum age you’re happy with it is.

Site users simply select the type of boat they want, the location and the number of guests and they will have many options to choose from. Photos from each listing and reviews from other travelers help them decide if a yacht or boat is right for them and their adventure.

Booking a charter is now as easy as booking a typical all-inclusive hotel stay. Due to the digitalization of the booking process, it is no surprise that the global charter market continues to thrive, and it is likely that demand will increase in the years to come.

So why consider chartering a yacht on vacation? There are many reasons to consider a yacht charter for your next overseas trip. Here are some of the many benefits of booking this type of holiday:

Ideal base for diving and snorkeling, as well as water sports

A yacht, catamaran or any other type of boat can be the perfect base for many vacation activities.

If you’re cruising in calmer waters, scuba diving and snorkeling are a great way to experience underwater marine life. This can be done in open water or in a bay or sea cave.

Scuba diving can be expensive when done in a group at a dive school. But if you are already trained and have access to your own equipment, diving from your boat is a convenient option.

On larger ships, you may even be able to take water sports equipment with you, such as jet skis or kayaks. This makes chartering a yacht or boat the perfect vacation option for thrill seekers who like to be out on the water as much as possible.

Efficient mode of transport to go from one island to another

A charter is of course a very efficient option if you plan to travel between islands or want a quick way to get to another coastal area. Rather than relying on pre-booked boat trips or ferries, you can simply wake up and cruise to your desired destination if the conditions are right.

More control over your vacation itinerary

When you stay in a hotel, you can find yourself stuck in an itinerary, especially if you’ve booked all-inclusive and set meal times. On your charter, you can travel where you want, when you want.

If you have hired a skipper, they can help you plan your trip and can give you a good overview of local hotspots to visit.

Booking a yacht or boat rental has never been easier thanks to the latest technology and digitalisation. We can expect to see many more people choosing this type of vacation in the years to come.

Last update: April 25, 2022

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