Fishing boats add a splash of color to Marine Drive

The culture of a particular place is said to be largely shaped by its geography which primarily includes landscape, climate and natural resources. Boat style has a lot to do with waterways and usage. The elegant shape and beautiful features of the boats are not only a reflection of the artistic sense of the local people, but also have geographical implications.

Abdul Based, a local youth and a Teknaf development worker, explains that these boats are created this way because of the strong waves they have to withstand on the sea and that they don’t go on long fishing trips but especially for a few hours, or a day maximum, unlike other fishing boats in the country which leave for weeks and months at sea.

I have been traveling through Marine Drive for several years and yet I never tire of seeing the breathtaking natural beauty along the way. There are many other notable attractions on both sides of the road such as deep sea waves, sandy beach with coral in many places, refreshing sea breeze, glistening water of Bay of Bengal , rows of yellow trees, the blue sky meeting the blue sea, the beautiful sunset, the emerald hills meeting the aqua sea, the waterfalls, the confluence of the sea and the river, the rows of rams and the plantations of betel leaves (paan), green fields and villages, sea fish hung dry and much more.

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