Edinburgh’s new cycle lanes that will change commuting in the city by 2024

As part of the Active Travel Investment Scheme, Edinburgh City Council plans to invest more than £118million in the development of new routes that will provide the public with safe walking and cycling routes.

With multiple projects around the capital, the construction process will span at least five years and bring over 52 miles of cycle paths. Here is a list of all the paths coming to Edinburgh in the next five years.

Downtown East-West Link

Work for this route is expected to begin on February 7, 2022 and take approximately 18 months to complete, with an expected completion date of August 2023.

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The route will skirt Roseburn Terrace, West Coates, Haymarket Terrace, Rosebery Crescent, Melville Street, Randolph Place, St David Street and York Place. Separated by vehicles for the majority of the route, it will provide a safe journey for less experienced cyclists and those worried about heavy traffic.

Providing a family-friendly passage through the city, the route will be run in three parts, with work on the first section – Roseburn to Haymarket along the A8 – starting in the coming weeks.

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Roseburn to Union Canal

The project aims to improve walking and cycling connections between the Roseburn Trail and the Telfer Metro while complementing the region’s heritage.

The proposed route from Roseburn to Union Canal has recently been redesigned following reports on ecology and vegetation, and construction work has been postponed slightly to allow for the passage of the bird nesting season. The construction process will now begin in September 2022, with the main works expected to be completed in October 2023.

Meadows to George Street

This project will see separate cycle lanes on Forrest Road, George IV Bridge, The Mound, Bank Street and Hanover Street, as well as improved signage at intersections to keep cyclists safe on the road.

As a result of the Meadows to George Street project, some streets will be closed to certain types of transport, bringing significant changes to the traffic system.

Covering the area of ​​the World Heritage Site, the route aims to enrich the green space and make it more accessible and easily navigable while prioritizing greener means of transport – walking, cycling and public transport.

Delivered in four stages, the course will see the construction process kick off in 2023/24.

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George Street and First New Town

Building on the Meadows-George Street route, this trail will see cycling facilities on George Street, Castle Street, Frederick Street and Hanover Street.

With a view to being zero carbon by 2030 and helping the city’s economic recovery, the project again aims to prioritize greener means of transport. Additionally, this new development hopes to contribute to the user-friendly use of the streets with greenery, outdoor cafe seating and spaces for possible street performances.

The construction of this project will start in 2023/24.

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