Couple removed from North Saanich boats receive support in new home in Greater Victoria – Victoria News

A couple who lived for years on a floating structure anchored off North Saanich’s Lillan Hoffar Park are receiving extra support somewhere in Greater Victoria after moving before Christmas.

That’s according to Kerry Readshaw, director of communications for Beacon Community Services.

According to Brian Green, director of planning for North Saanich, Beacon Community Services and the RCMP discovered that the two people living aboard the structure were “in very poor health” during a pre-Christmas visit.

“They have been removed from the ships for their own safety,” Green said in an emailed statement. “Beacon (Community) Services found temporary accommodation for the two at the Sidney Travelodge and Beacon Services and then transferred them to the care of the Department of Social Development and Poverty Reduction, which we believe has now found them a home. permanent accommodation.

Readshaw said her organization got involved through what she called “a variety of sources” in the community.

“As you know, Beacon Community Services is quite connected to the community and we’ve heard from various sources that these are people who may need help,” she said.

Readshaw declined to discuss the couple’s condition, saying only “they needed help and we were happy to provide it.” She would also not comment on the specific circumstances that led to the couple living on the ship or how they lived there.

“Speaking very broadly and not at all specific to this situation, I think it’s pretty clear that there is a growing concern about homelessness and the growing needs in Greater Victoria,” he said. she declared. “As you know, the community is doing its best to deal with so many of these situations. That said, there are clearly challenges for all kinds of people in our community and Beacon Community Services is one of the organizations reaching out and trying to help where they can.

As for the couple’s current status, Readshaw said they have been receiving additional support from organizations other than Beacon Community Services since their move.

Privacy concerns have prevented her from disclosing exactly where the couple are currently staying, only to say they are in Greater Victoria. “From what I understand, they have supports in place to provide them with the help they need,” she said.

North Saanich is working with the Dead Boats Society to help remove the floating structure.

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