China orders ports to keep sea and river transport routes running smoothly amid new Covid wave

(Yicai Global) April 13 — The Chinese government has asked the country’s transport authorities to spare no effort to keep the country’s ports and harbors in areas affected by new Covid-19 outbreaks open and operating smoothly. orderly way.

Ports and harbors must ensure transport routes are not obstructed to minimize the impact of the latest wave of coronavirus on the economy and social development, the Ministry of Transport said in a statement. dossier to China Ports and Ports Association. , the China Shipowners Association and other transport authorities yesterday.

They must not block shipping routes, close locks or reduce the number of unauthorized calls, he said.

The Port of Shanghai must do its best to operate smoothly, he said. Efforts should be made to coordinate with international shipping companies to allocate container space efficiently to ensure there is enough capacity along China’s major foreign trade sea routes, a he added.

Vessels carrying medical and pandemic control and prevention equipment, basic necessities and other important supplies such as grain, fuel and fertilizer should be given priority to dock and depart, he said. declared.

Transport authorities in areas affected by the pandemic should provide the necessary support to workers moving through ports and harbours. Those in locked areas must ensure that employees remain in ports. Frontline port companies should ensure they have enough staff to keep ports running around the clock.

Better facilities should be offered to truckers and seafarers in ports, such as catering, toilets, quarantine checkpoints.

Freight transport companies should collect their goods as soon as possible and make good use of electronic permits to ensure that their container trucks can enter and exit ports smoothly.

Demand for coal and grain transport along the coast will be steady this year, the Department of Transport said last month. He said inland waterway transport along the Yangtze and Pearl Rivers will steadily increase. Container shipping demand and costs will fluctuate, however, amid the uncertainties caused by the pandemic.

Editor: Kim Taylor

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