Candela C-8 is the iPhone moment for electric boats

Candela a announcement its new electric boat C-8, noting that this is the iPhone moment for this sector.

The hydrofoil outboard offers long all-electric range and high speed. It has been in development for 16 months. It is the company’s most-ordered electric boat and made its first flight outside the Swedish technology company’s headquarters in Lidingö, Stockholm. After reaching the designated takeoff speed of 16 knots, the Candela C-8 P-01 prototype took off smoothly and flew silently over the water at a cruising speed of 20 knots. Candela CEO Gustav Hasselskog noted that the trip was smooth and very, very quiet after piloting the C-8 on its maiden flight.

The previous version, the Candela C-7, demonstrated the company’s hydrofoil technology, which allows for longer range on electricity and a better experience than your typical boat. Hasselskog also touched on the C-7, pointing out that it was more of a hand-built sports car and was never intended for mass production.

Candela introduced the C-7 in 2019 and has since refined the hydrofoil technology and flight control software. The company’s more than 70 engineers and technicians designed the C-8 for rapid mass production, and the company expects a rate of 400 units per year in 2024.

Photo courtesy Candela

The new C-8 takes technology to another level while creating the boat with the most comfort you could expect. And bring it to mass production.

The C-8 is 8.5 meters long and includes the amenities that a high-end cruiser would have. It has a large cockpit that can accommodate up to eight people, a large sunbathing area, a spacious forward cabin equipped with beds for two adults and two children, and a marine toilet.

So far, Candela has received more than 100 orders after launching the C-8 concept last fall. This makes it the best-selling electric boat in Europe. It even outsells most other premium 28ft ICE boats!

The company’s asking price of €290,000 excluding VAT is equal to or lower than most conventional fossil-fuel powered boats in the 28-29ft range. In addition, owners of the C-8 will be able to use it almost for free thanks to the hydrofoil system. The cost of driving a Candela C-8 is 95% lower than ICE boats.

The Candela C-8 features the company’s new C-POD direct-drive motor and requires no oil changes or regular maintenance. The C-POD is rated for 3,000 hours of maintenance-free use, which equates to 50-100 years of recreational boating. Hydrofoils can be retracted above the waterline when the boat is moored, minimizing growth and the need for antifouling. Haselskog said:

“It’s essentially free boating and hassle-free boating, for the first time in history.”

Candela C-8’s longest electric range

Candela noted that the C-8 features a new and improved version of its hydrofoil technology that reduces power consumption by 80% compared to conventional boats. This allows for a long all-electric range at high speeds. Combined with the C-POD, the C-8 can cruise longer distances than any previous electric motor boat. The C-8 can cruise over 50 nautical miles on battery power at a speed of 22 knots while using only 16 kW/21 hp. To share a fair comparison, a conventional 28ft cruiser is normally equipped with a 300 horsepower gasoline outboard motor.

Facts about Candela C-8

Here is a short list of C-8 features:

  • Length: 8.5 meters
  • Width: 2.5 meters
  • Speed: 22-24 knots cruising, 30 knots max
  • Battery: 44kWh; lithium ion
  • Range: 50+ nautical miles
  • Motor: Candela C-POD, 55kW
  • Maximum take-off load: 815 kg
  • Draft: 0.5 m in shallow mode (foils retracted); 0.8m in foil
  • Charging time: 2 hours, with three-phase charging
  • Accommodation: Capacity for 2 adults, 2 children, seats for 6+2 people.

Candela, which is on a mission to accelerate the transition to fossil fuel-free lakes and oceans, hopes to manufacture several thousand C-8s over the next few years. Hasselskod noted that once you experience it, you will see that this is what boats should look like in the future.

He also underlined the importance of this first flight. “This successful first flight brings us one step closer to series production. We will now carry out a rigorous flight test campaign to ensure reliability and maturity. We are on track to deliver the first C-8 units this summer,” he said.

I had a brief email conversation with Candela’s public relations manager, Mikael Mahlberg, who had his own comments to add.

Candela C-8 is designed to eliminate all the bad things about powerboating: no slamming, no harmful wake, no pollution, no maintenance, no noise and no more expensive trips to the fuel dock. It’s just a smooth, quiet, and fun ride. After the first outing last week, it’s clear we’re holding our ground. This will be a pivotal moment for electric boats.

“Unlike our first model, the hand-built C-7, the C-8 is designed for efficient mass production. We are moving to a new factory in May and will rapidly increase production to 400 boats per year.


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