Border Force boats should escort migrants to France, not Britain, says LIZ ARMSTRONG | Express a comment | Comment

Why not change this system and patrol our liquid border and turn back the boats?

Once they realize that we are not picking them up, but turning them away and denying them access, it can make them think twice. Especially if they paid thousands for their seats.

I know it must be hard when women and children are in the boats but these people are ready to put their families in danger, taking them from safe countries like France. Benefactors do no good at all.

Migrants live Riley’s life while retirees struggle

As pensioners face a nightmare of utility bills, the need to use food banks and a cost of living crisis, we are told £2billion is spent on immigrants every year illegal, says Susan Dance of Harrogate, North Yorkshire.

These people are economic migrants, not refugees. But for some unfathomable reason we, the taxpayers, are being told that we have no choice and it is our responsibility to pay for their lifestyle.

Free hotel rooms, free food, free TV, free NHS, free tuition, pocket money and free mobile phones if needed. Absolutely disgusting.

If Ofgem can’t suspend the energy cap, what’s the point?

Instead of producing a myriad of complicated refunds and payments to try and make energy bills more affordable, why doesn’t Ofgem just raise the energy cap? asks Bill Biggins of Cawood, North Yorkshire.

Energy companies are making huge profits and raising the price cap will only serve to fill their coffers even more. If Ofgem can’t freeze the price cap, what’s the point?

It’s obvious that hopeless Patel should be sacked

The shocking cost to our country when it comes to asylum seekers just goes to show how pathetic our Home Secretary Priti Patel is, says Ruth Peberdy from Bridgwater, Somerset.

How Patel kept his job after such a disastrous performance is a complete mystery.

When the new Prime Minister takes his place at 10 Downing Street, I hope the first order of business will be to show her the door and replace her with someone with a lot more courage.

Fatcat clubs should offer free tickets to their fans

Reading the sports pages over the past few days there have been stories of footballers transferring for tens of millions of pounds who will earn hundreds of thousands a week, says Pete Squire from Astley, Lancashire.

At a time when we have people who can’t afford to pay their bills, buy food and heat their homes, I find these offers utterly disgusting.

It would be good for clubs if they considered the people who have supported them over the years and who are suffering, maybe saving them some money by giving them free entry to a few games.

I’m sure they wouldn’t miss a few million. Clubs would get some respect for their investment.

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