Bay Co. has now removed 45 abandoned boats

BAY COUNTY Fla. (WMBB) – Abandoned ships are still being removed from Bay County waterways.

45 boats have been washed away so far. Abandoned boats clog waterways, such as St. Andrews Bay.

Currently, there is a grant from the Florida Wildlife Commission for $110,000.

The county used this money to continue to remove these tagged boats.

Although some of these ships were abandoned by Hurricane Michael, a 39-foot Sea Ray cabin cruiser named “Making Memories” was behind the courthouse for unknown reasons.

Bay County Coastal Resources Coordinator Chantille Gooding said that boat was more difficult to remove due to its positioning on the shore.

“Any ship that is along the shore, because it allows homeless people to board,” Gooding said. “With this one, there was someone who had a smaller dull and walked. FWC has therefore been involved in trying to mitigate this, so that there is no more pollution in the water along the shore.

Commissioner Phillip “Griff” Griffitts said that with all derelict ships marked, it shows how many continue to lay their boats down.

“We don’t want them to do that, but we appreciate any help in removing the derelict ships, it’s become a problem,” Griffitts said. “The health of the bay is paramount and therefore derelict ships are an issue we need to address.”

The removal company will bring the removed ship to the Steelfield landfill on Monday and ensure that all pollutants are disposed of properly, before crushing the boat.

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