Arriva Travel seeks to make Croatian Danube cruises a success

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Jun 27, 2022 – Business is making a comeback after a coronavirus pandemic-induced two-year hiatus with cruises on the Danube, giving people the chance to see a part of Croatia and Europe that few lend to many attention – a river known as the main artery of this part of the continent.

As Poslovni Dnevnik/Mladen Miletic writes, the Danube is known to many as the main artery of Europe, it is the mighty river that connects and separates at the same time. It was once the border of the worlds, and for some it still is today. The Danube is sung in the Croatian national anthem (Croatian: himna), it is in the title of Strauss’ most famous composition and in countless verses sung by Pannonian sailor Djordje Balasevic, born in Novi Sad, Serbia , on the Danube.

Eternal inspiration of poets, painters and novelists, the Italian writer Claudio Magris devoted a famous novel to this river, following the course of the Danube to the mouth of the Black Sea, revealing that there are still disputes between the towns in southwestern Germany on the exact location the Danube rises.

All of the above is just a small part of why at least once in a lifetime it’s worth embarking on a journey along the great river that runs through the far east of Croatia, in an area that very few people from abroad visit or visit. think about. The starting or ending point of the cruise, depending on the choice, is in the port of the heroic Croatian city of Vukovar.

Travel agency Arriva has been running river cruises for years and, after a pandemic-induced hiatus, now offers cruises on the Danube – the Vukovar-Vienna route, as well as the even more eastern variant of Vukovar-Vidin ( an ancient town in northwestern Bulgaria).

”We also offer cruises along the Rhine, but we don’t have any achievements for this yet this year. However, Danube cruises are more appealing to people precisely because departures are from Croatia, where we organize group departures,” explained Tamara Cerneka, director of Arriva Travel.

”The specificity of river cruises on the Danube and most others is that passengers embark in one port and disembark in another, which requires a transfer in one direction. This is why grouped departures are more attractive. The first group of Danube cruises organized by Arriva travel started this year on May 27, and by mid-June we had completed four departures,” Cerneka added.

Cruises, both at sea and along rivers, are still a segment making a slower and more cautious comeback after the global coronavirus pandemic. Travelers are still uncertain and have their eyes set on the fall, fearful of booking a cruise in advance for fear of new epidemiological measures being put in place as has been the case for two years.

Danube cruises are sure to be a way for visitors to Croatia to spend time in a part of the country that is the bipolar opposite of Dalmatia with its rugged mountains, intense dry heat and crystal clear waters. It is also very different from Kvarner and Istria which are known for their similar characteristics. Eastern Croatia, once the breadbasket of the country, badly injured during the Homeland War and today shamefully neglected and suffering from a severe demographic crisis, has much to boast about when it comes to its natural and cultural charms – maybe this is the perfect way to look at it.

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