AmaWaterways will resume river cruises on July 3



AmaWaterways has announced plans to resume river cruises on July 3, 2021 with seven ships resuming their cruises during the month.

AmaWaterways Executive Vice President and Co-Founder Kristin Karst said: “We are delighted to see the situation in Europe evolve in a positive direction and we are very optimistic about the new entry requirements for tourists who will be officially announced in the next few days. We are proud to announce a selection of crossings starting the first week of July in Portugal with further restart dates throughout July on selected vessels on all European rivers including the most luxurious ship in the Danube, AmaMagna, July 21.

The specific sailing dates are as follows:

On July 3, AmaDouro will start its crossings through Portugal
On July 21, AmaMagna will start its Danube cruises
On July 22, AmaKristina will begin its cruises in France on the Rhône
On July 22, AmaLyra will start its cruises in France on the Seine
On July 27, AmaVida will begin cruises in Portugal and Spain
On July 29, AmaDolce will begin its crossings through Bordeaux, France
On July 29, AmaSiena will start cruises on the Rhine

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AmaWaterways President and Co-Founder Rudi Schreiner also shared the following: “As we make our return to the rivers, we will continue to monitor updates from global health authorities, local governments and airlines. regarding entry requirements. In the coming days, we will provide you with more information regarding the specific documentation needed to navigate with us. Details will also be posted in the Travel Updates section of our website and emailed to our travel partners.

Having successfully operated river cruises in the summer of 2020, our teams are experienced with improved health and safety protocols and are ready and eager to welcome guests back safely. Our team is committed to ensuring that our guests have a wonderful experience when they return to the rivers, visiting the most beautiful destinations in the world.


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