A £ 74million plan to replace border force boats to tackle illegal migration


Aging border force ships will be replaced with new cutters as part of a £ 700million investment to improve UK border security, the Treasury said.

The current 20-year-old fleet will be retired and 11 new ships will enter service to tackle organized crime and illegal migration at a cost of £ 74million.

The announcement was made ahead of Chancellor Rishi Sunak’s budget and also includes £ 628million “to modernize and digitize the border”, with proposals including an American-style electronic travel authorization for tourists wishing to come to the UK. United.

Electronic authorizations will launch in 2023 and will be fully in place two years later and, like the US system, will allow authorities to decide whether people should be allowed to travel to the UK before they arrive.

In a statement issued by the Treasury, Mr. Sunak said: “Protecting our borders and making it easier for all of us to travel to and from our great nation is at the heart of our ambitions as a government.”

It has been just over a month since figures, compiled by the PA news agency, showed that the number of people who made the dangerous trip across the Channel in small boats this year has doubled the total to the whole of 2020.

A system, similar to the US Esta program, will be put in place (Lauren Hurley / PA)

So far this year, more than 18,000 people have made it to the UK on small boats, data shows.

Small boat arrivals in 2021 are now more than double the figure for 2020 as a whole, when 8,417 people crossed the Strait of Pas de Calais.

The spending review will also include just over £ 1 billion to spend over the next three years on ‘new UK sovereign functions’ after Brexit.

This will include money for more than 1,000 border force officers to carry out customs and transit checks, the Treasury added.

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