2022 Cleveland Metroparks Trail Challenge Routes

Here is a list of the 26 trails on the 2022 Cleveland Metroparks Trail Challenge routes and instructions on how to complete the trail.

acacia reservation
Woodpecker Way Trail (1.7 miles). Start at the kiosk near the shelter near the Cedar Road parking lot. Use the map at the kiosk, then follow the Woodpecker Way trail in both directions. This loop trail will take you back to where you started on this relatively flat trail through an old golf course.

Bedford Reservation
Viaduct Park Loop (0.4 miles): This short walk on a paved path is well worth the detour to Viaduct Park, a small park on the Bedford Reserve, close to downtown Bedford. Enjoy the great falls of Tinker’s Creek as well as the viaduct, tunnel and more in this park steeped in industrial history.

Wight Oaks Loop (3.5km): Be careful when looking for the park entrance as it is a small parking lot on a curb. Start at the Overlook Lane trailhead. Cross the road and turn left onto the APT for a very short distance before turning right into the woods onto Wight Oaks Loop. This trail is best enjoyed on a mountain bike as you meander through the woods over roots and rocks. Be sure to take the obvious short connector trail shown on the map to make it a fun loop. confirm the trail is open as this trail closes to all trail users depending on conditions.

big stream Big Creek Preserve
Lower Fern Hill (19.7km): Start at the Lower Fern Hill picnic area and find the beautiful bridge over Big Creek. Cross the bridge and follow the APT south on this round trip until you come to Lake Isaac. Enjoy reading educational signs at Lake Isaac before turning around and returning north to where you started.

Booking Bradley Woods
Bunn Lake Loop (0.5 thousand): Park at the Bunn Lake trailhead and walk in either direction around this lake created in 1986 to create an additional place for waterfowl and nature lovers. This wide, flat, paved trail is ideal for families with young children as well as anyone with mobility issues.

Reservation Brecksville
Gorge Loop Trail (1.2 thousand): Start at the Chippewa Creek Gorge trailhead and climb to the natural surface Hemlock Trail leaving the parking lot. Walk along the gorge until you can go left on the Gorge Loop Trail. Admire the intricate rock work on this scenic loop with lots of steps, access to Chippewa Creek, and sweeping views of the gorge. Continue on the Gorge Loop, crossing the Hemlock Trail, returning to where you originally left the wider Hemlock Trail.

Deer Licking Loop (3.5 miles): Start at the Deer Lick cave area and go up the Deer Lick loop marked in red. Navigate in both directions on this newly noticed trail that climbs and descends, through ravines and streams. This beautiful trail loops around much of the Brecksville Preserve, allowing you to enjoy most of what the park has to offer.

Brookside Brookside Reservation
Brighton Park (1.3km): Start at Brighton Park and get the current map here. Enter the park via Henninger Road behind the Burger King, then take advantage of this short walk to explore the paved and natural trails as you head to the Big Creek Overlook. This new 25-acre park includes a nice out-and-back paved section and two small natural surface trails. As long as you explore the trails and make your way to the Big Creek Overlook, you’ve completed this trail! The main paved trail, including the turnoff to the Overlook, is great for all abilities.

Brookside Valley (2.6km): Enter from Ridge Road, drive and park near the green Brookside Valley Event Site building. Follow the sidewalk as you did along John Nagy Blvd. On the sidewalk, admire the large boulders installed to control storm surges from Big Creek, a major tributary of the Cuyahoga River. Continue to the park entrance; then turn around and follow the APT back. Visit this trail in the spring to enjoy the pollinator garden and scenic cherry grove.

Euclid Creek Reserve
Kelley (5.6 miles): Start at Kelley Picnic Area and head north enjoying this beautiful trail that winds through the woods along Euclid Creek. Turn around when you get to the Highland/Upper Highland Picnic Area sign and walk back.

Garfield Park Reservation
Garfield Buckle (2.0 miles): Jump on this trail at the Iron Springs Picnic Area trailhead and start on the multi-use trail in front of the gazebo. Head parallel to the road keeping the large grassy field to your right. Stay on the paved trail as you descend the hill and return to your starting point while enjoying the old tree-lined wide trail through this historic park.

Hinckley Reservation
Worden cornices (0.7 thousand): Discover Worden’s Ledges Trailhead on this short, rocky but scenic loop trail through the southern part of the Hinckley Preserve. Take the loop trail to the left to descend a more gentle incline, keeping your eyes peeled as you search for the many historic sculptures made by Stuart Noble. Finish by going up the steepest section returning to your starting point.

paddle loop (1.5 thousand): Launch off the ramp at the Hinckley Lake Boathouse and take a spin along the edge of this calm water inland lake. You can even rent a kayak or SUP, making this a great opportunity if you’re new to paddling. Trail Surface: Natural Paved Surface (APT)

The waterHuntington Reserve
Porter Creek (0.6 miles): Start at the Porter Creek trailhead and follow the APT south to the bridge. Take a left just before the bridge onto the Porter Creek dirt trail at the sign and follow the Porter Creek trail before joining the water access road. Turn left on the road and follow it to your starting point for this short loop.

Paddle on Lake Erie (1.0 mile): Depart from the kayak drop-off area and paddle west along but outside the swimming area and back to enjoy views of Cleveland. Prepare for wind and waves on this advanced open-water paddle on Lake Erie.

Reservation by the lake
Edgewater (3.8 miles): Come visit the new Wendy Park Bridge on this fantastic route for 2022. Start at Edgewater Fishing Pier and go up to the APT just south of the concession stand. Head to the roundabout, then head towards Wendy Park on the new APT. Your destination is the Wendy Park Bridge, so after enjoying the sights, sounds, and sights from the bridge, turn around and head back! This trail is great for all abilities.

Paddle on Lake Erie (2.0 miles): Launch onto Wendy Park Beach and paddle to the historic Coast Guard Station, looping around the Inner Harbor paddling counter-clockwise staying close to the breakwater, before return to the beach.

Mill Stream Run Booking
Royalview Red Buckle (5.5 miles): Start at the Royalview Reserved Shelter parking lot. Run, hike, or bike the Red Loop through young forests and have fun interacting with other trail users. Pay close attention to the direction of the trail as it varies from day to day on this shared use mountain bike trail. Please visit clevelandmetroparks.com or Twitter (@CMPmtb) to confirm the trail is open as this trail closes to all trail users depending on conditions.

Booking Chagrin North
CL2 (4.5 miles): Go to the picnic area at Squire Castle, then look for the NC2 horse trail that starts from behind the picnic shelter. This route starts with a big climb up the hill before making a big loop through most of the North Chagrin Reserve. Pay attention to the many junctions on this road and stay on the well-signposted NC2 road.

Reservation of the Ohio and Erie Canal
Towpath (5.0 miles): Start at the CanalWay Center. Go down the hill on the APT and turn right once you cross the canal to head north. Enjoy views of the canals, various bridges, and the Cuyahoga River as you travel to Harvard Road. Turn around when you get to the obvious Harvard Road trailhead.

Rocky River Reserve
North Berea (7.0 miles): Start on Valley Parkway at the Berea Falls Overlook and head north on the APT. Ride the APT until you cross the amazing Rocky River, at which point you’ve reached the nature center, your turning point. Enjoy the nature center or relax along the Rocky River before heading back.

fort hill (1.0 mile): Start at the Rocky River Nature Center parking area and take the Fort Hill Loop Trail from the Nature Center, climbing Fort Hill’s 155 stairs for spectacular views of Rocky River.

Southern SorrowReservation Sorrow of the South
Henry Church Loop (0.6 thousand): Start at the Henry Church Jr. Rock Picnic Area and hike towards the river following the Henry Church Rock Loop. Be careful on this beautiful, newly restored trail as you walk along a ridge and enjoy many rocky steps and elevated wooden walkways while admiring views of the valley and the beautiful Chagrin River. Henry Church Jr. Rock can also be seen on this loop.

2022 challenge course (5.5 miles): Start at Miles Road Sledding Hill car park on the north side of Chagrin River Road. Jump on the bridle path and head under Miles Road. For this out-and-back route, stay on the Blue Buckeye Trail if you’re hiking, walking, or skiing, and stay on the Horse Trail if you’re riding. Either way, you’ll encounter stream crossings, a few muddy sections, and glimpses of the Chagrin River along the way. Turn around when you reach the polo fields.

Washington Reserve
Arborview (4.5 miles): Start at Arborview Shelter. From the north side of the parking lot, cross Washington Park Boulevard and enjoy the APT as you head south (right). Cross Harvard Road and continue south to Ohio and the Erie Canal Reservation, passing many industrial company entrances along the way. Enter this park and walk down the big hill to the center of Canalway before turning around and backtracking.

West Creek Reserve
Park Center (3.7km): Start at the small gravel parking lot in Center Park. Go down the Greenbriar trail and turn right onto the Skinner’s Run trail. Savor the calm this trail offers while taking in views of West Creek. Keep your eyes and ears open for wildlife as you hike to the end of Skinner’s Run Trail. Turn around at the Detzler trailhead and start back on your way, making sure to turn left on Greenbriar to get back to where you started.

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