10 great European roads for everyone

Walking, how can I love you? Let me count the paths. There is the sense of freedom, fresh air and forward motion; the big views and the little surprises; how good a chilled pinot grigio after the walk is. And none of these things – none of them – require you to walk until you’re broke every day.

Soft hiking is still hiking. By traversing shorter, easier routes at a gentle pace, you’ll still reap the slowly unfolding, richly inhaled, otherwise unreachable benefits that only exploration on foot can provide. In fact, you can be said to reap them more fully than the hardcore hiker who clocks in the miles without having time to stop and look. It is an exquisite pleasure to sleep in late, to linger over a hearty breakfast, to go on a gentle hike, to cross superb landscapes, to stop where and when you want, knowing that a comfortable inn and a good glass of wine await you.

No, you don’t have to struggle to get the most out of a hike. As long as you know the basics. And the first thing is to decide what you actually like. If you’re going to spend a lot of time exploring an area, make it an area that really appeals. You have decided to take a walk, yes, but what gives you even more joy? Sea air and wild swimming? Forests full of birds? Pottery in cobblestone villages? Drive through an intoxicating wine region (with many open cellar doors)? Be sure to walk where you’re interested, so walking isn’t the only reward.

Plus, the hike doesn’t have to leave you with sore limbs. The range and diversity of trails – especially across Europe – is immense. So look for suitable routes: short paths, soft surfaces, rest days and trains, boats and funiculars that can help relieve the strain.

Luggage? You don’t want to worry about it. If you opt for a walk from hotel to hotel, choose the one where your big bags are in advance, which allows you to travel light, just a backpack with the essentials: waterproof, water bottle, picnic greedy fuck.

Yes, gourmet – why not? Because it’s your vacation after all and there’s no need to struggle. There are trips out there that combine the best of everything, during which you can spend days strolling in historic splendor, munching on fine local dishes, and ending up in ancient palaces or five-star spa hotels. stars with a Michelin star feast. Walk soft, I really love you.

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