1 rowing advances all three boats to NCAA Championships Grand Final

SARASOTA, FL – The No. 1 Texas won two races and placed second in a third in the 2022 NCAA Rowing Championships semifinal at Nathan Benderson Park on Saturday morning to advance all boats to Sunday’s grand finale. The Longhorns won their first eight and second eight semifinals and placed second in all four and advanced all boats to the Grand Finals for the fourth straight championship.

The Longhorns will race for a second consecutive national championship on Sunday and the top eight will look to defend their national title.

Texas’ First Eight and Second Eight have won each of their races at the National Regatta and remain undefeated this year with 10 wins each, while the First Eight have won 18 consecutive races since the start of last season.

“We had another good day, and getting all the boats into the A final is very important,” the Texas head coach said. Dave O’Neill. “There is really tough competition, and tomorrow there will be some great races.”

After a fifty-minute delay due to an early morning storm system moving through the area, the Texas First Eight kicked off the morning with a win. The Longhorns came out fast, holding a three-quarter boat lead over Brown at 500 yards and extending the full-length advantage at the 1,000-yard marker. At 1,250 yards, Texas had half a length of open water when the clouds opened up and it started to rain. UT continued to extend their lead and closed the race with a time of 6:18.459, followed by Brown (6:22.995) and California (6:23.039), clinching a place in the Grand Final just as the rain started to calm down.

The Texas Second Eight followed with a thrilling victory, passing Washington in the final 250 yards to win the semi-final and book their ticket to the Grand Final. The Huskies came out fast, holding a half-boat lead at 500 yards, which the Longhorns cut to a quarter-length halfway through. Texas slowly reduced Washington’s advance, closing the distance to a bridge at 1,300 yards and even firing at around 1,500 yards. The crews battled it out over the final 500 yards, with the Horns passing the Huskies on the stretch. UT finished with a winning time of 6:23.878, while Washington took second place in 6:25.192 and Princeton third in 6:27.952.

Lightning in the area caused another delay just at the end of the Texas second eight semifinal, causing an 80-minute delay in the race schedule and forcing all boats on the water to dock and athletes to take shelter.

Once the race resumed, the Four clinched a second-place finish to clinch a place in the Grand Final. Washington once again came out fast, taking a three-quarter lead at 500 yards and extending it the full 750 yards. The Huskies built on their lead over the next 1,000 yards, leading in open water halfway through. UT fought back and closed the gap to less than a boat length over the final 250 yards, finishing second with a time of 7:11.366, Washington winning in 7:09.214 and Brown placing third in 7:15.124.

Texas is one of four teams to qualify a boat in each Grand Finals race, with No. 2 Stanford, No. 5 Princeton and No. 6 Washington, while third-placed Brown will have a boat in the eight and four grand finals. . No. 10 California will compete in the Grand Final of the First Eight, No. 4 Yale and Virginia No. 9 will compete in the Grand Final of the Second Eight, and No. 7 Ohio State will compete in the Grand Final of the Four. .

The NCAA Championships will conclude on Sunday, May 29 with the Grand Finals and will be streamed online at NCAA Championships Live.


Four, Grand Final – 8:36 a.m. CT (9:36 a.m. ET)
Track 1: brown
Lane 2: Princeton
Route 3: Washington
Lane 4: Stanford

Lane 5: TEXAS
Lane 6: State of Ohio

Second Eight, Grand Final – 9:00 a.m. CT (10:00 a.m. ET)
Lane 1: Princeton
Path 2: Yale

Lane 3: TEXAS
Lane 4: Stanford
Route 5: Washington
Track 6: Virginia

First Eight, Grand Final – 9:24 a.m. CT (10:24 a.m. ET)
Lane 1: Princeton
Track 2: brown
Lane 3: Stanford

Lane 4: TEXAS
Route 5: Washington
Lane 6: California

Top Eight – Semi-Final 1 Results
1.TEXAS – 6:18.459

2. Brown – 6:22.995
3. California – 6:23.039
4. Ohio State – 6:23.483
5. Pennsylvania – 6:33.771
6. EMS – 6:39.069

Second Eight – Results of Semi-Final 1
1.TEXAS – 6:23.878

2. Washington – 6:25.192
3. Princeton – 6:27.952
4. Brown – 6:32.292
5. California – 6:34.384
6. Pennsylvania – 6:37.516

Four – Results of Semi-Final 1
1. Washington – 7:09.214

2.TEXAS – 7:11.366
3. Brown – 7:15.124
4. Michigan – 7:18.684
5. Rutgers – 7:24.158
6. Virginia – 7:26.606


First eight: Rachel Rane (helmsman), Kaitlin Knifton (stroke) Francesca Raggi, Aspa Christodoulidis, Etta Charpentier, Anna Jensen, Susanna Temming, Sophie Calabrese, Lisa Gutfleisch (bow)

Second Eight: Olivia Fogarty (helmsman), Hannah Medcalf (stroke), Amber Harwood, Grace Holland, Kathia Nitch, Parker Illingworth, Marielle Corbett, Cassandra Korvink-Kucinski, Caitlin Esse (bow)

Four : Carly Legenzowski (helmsman), Jane McGee (stroke), Nadja Yaroschuk, Katelyn Bouthillette, Marlowe Eldridge (bow)

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